Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Eyed Mary

One of the Callinsia. I have never seen this in Tilden before, but there you go.

Collinsia, Tilden, 5/7/11

Oakland Mariposa Lily

This year is really good for Oakland Mariposa Lily. I usually only see a handful, but this year when you see one you see dozens at a time. You can find them on Ring Mountain in Marin, and in Redwood Park on the south ridge, and in Tilden in Berkeley. The whole Calochortus family has beautiful flowers.

Calochortus umbellatus, Redwood, 5/7/11

Crafty Spider

Another one of those crab spiders catching a meal without a web. This one is a big one, that furry fly it captured is as big as a small moth.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Snow Plant

While looking for morels in the foothills, we found a 'snow plant,' a saprophytic plant like the sugar stick, but larger. Apparently when the snow plant is blooming, morels are around, so it is likely that we were a bit early for morels.

Sarcodes sanguinea, Pipi Valley, 5/4/11